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Carl Cox Final Performance at Space Ibiza

Carl Cox - Last night at Space

Carl Cox’s Last Set at Space / Ibiza

The time has finally come for Carl Cox…

On Tuesday, September 20th, Carl Cox plays Space Ibiza for the final time ever. This is a landmark event and a true musical celebration of an incredible decade-plus residency at one of the worlds most famous nightclubs.

Carl Cox held a 15 year residency at Space Ibiza. Wow! It’s absolutely astonishing to hold a residency that long anywhere in the world, especially in a club as prestigious as this. While it will be a party of epic proportions, we’re sure it will also be a bittersweet ending, with some all-time Space classic dance tracks thrown in the mix.

Carl had already confirmed he’ll he playing a mammoth 10 hour set to close his residency, but now he’s also confirmed the set will be played using both vinyl and digital – the old with the new.

And what about the final track he’ll play? “I do have a pile of records for the closing records, but what’s going to happen is as soon as they say ‘this is going to be the last record, Carl’, it isn’t going to be the last record as they are going to want another record and another record. It could be the defining track but it might not be. But whatever I play, they are all going to be tear jerkers.”

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  1. Cooper

    The end of an era, long live Coxy 🙂

    1. HouseNut

      Surely its not the end of him is it?

      1. deepgc

        Nope, he’s just hanging up his boots with Space. He’ll still be touring…


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