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DJ QBIX from Oklahoma, US aka Carlos Trejo.

Carlos first discovered vinyl in 1993 and since began mixing House, Techno, Progressive, Trance, Break Beats, and Drum & Bass. Having checked the scene and beats in El Paso and venturing out towards Northern NM, it was at Club United Nations in 1996, that hosted an Albuquerque crew known as Little Planet Productions where Carlos became immersed in and influenced by DJs already breaking ground for a continuing future of the Underground Culture such as DJ Eldon, Reverend Mitton, and Little Man.

During the years 1994-1997, the crew went from playing house parties to organised mountain and tent parties. As time moved forward, so did DJ QBIX. From 1997 to present DJ QBIX has brought gigs to Sacramento, CA, Salt Lake City, UT., Juarez, Mexico, and back to El Paso. In 2007 QBIX switched to a digital set-up, opening new doors and making more music available. Currently QBIX mixes live out of Q-Studios in Alamogordo, NM. He plays his preferred style of genre being deep and funky house. One of the fortunate sides to broadcasting live is the heightened DJ fellowship with other local DJs spawning The DJ Knights. Also, QBIX DJs for current festivals such as TechnoPal 2 and 3.

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