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Extreme Capsule – Capsule 1

This is the debut release from our new signing Extreme Capsule. The Original Mix of Capsule 1 is a crisp shiny piece of electronica, featuring metallic arpeggios and an array of strings to build the theme. Andrew Lord’s remix builds on the original by adding a house beat, synth bass and a variety of pads while keeping the same same chilled subtlety. Bessie Boer takes it in a different direction sampling the main melodies but creating a real ebb and flow featuring dramatic pauses, and additional instrumentation. The release is completed by Josh Holiday’s remix in his usual Tech House style – some great builds, some great filters and a driving bass.

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  1. Nick tetlow

    Do you have an app for iPhone ?

    1. deepgc

      Hi, we do, have a look on the App Store / Google Play 🙂


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