What Happened to the Kill Switches?

What happened to the kill switches

For those DJs that have been around for five years or longer, we’re sure most of you can remember the old kill switches on the mixer. These would immediately kill the bass, treble or midrange on the relevant channel (full kill eqs). However, it seems that between five and ten years ago, manufacturers had decided to drop this feature from new models and they have suddenly faded out (excuse the pun). In essence, the kill switches have been killed. But they left us rather quietly…

Kill Switches

Although the cut-off sounded quite harsh (from memory), they offered a very fast filter for live mixing. They made the process just that little more interesting than simply a fader with EQ knobs. Some tracks or mixes just needed that fast cut-off to make the mix sound dynamic.

Would you use the kill switches if they made a come-back? For myself, why not! My kill switches certainly got some use on my old Citronic Predator mixer back in the day. Perhaps I would even use these just as much as the the other bells and whistles included on latest Pioneer such as the DJM Nexus.

Using Ableton for Mixing?

There is a “modern” solution, well kinda. Check out this article for those that live DJ on Ableton, it’s an alternative’ish solution.

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