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Loxley - Anonymous project

Loxley – An anonymous project. Making all kinds of tunes and building a rather large following in and around Devon and Cornwall.

An Interview With Loxley

How did you get into DJ’ing?

I watched Skrillex make a break-through in 2011 and thought, “that’s a job? I wanna do that.” I bought a trigger finger and an old macbook and never looked back.

What DJ’s influenced you the most? Why?

Again, it’s gotta be Sonny. My diverse sets come from watching the way he changes his stuff up live. I feel he’s probably changed the way people perceived digital sets, he pretty much showed everyone you can’t just “press play”.

What DJ setup do you have at home?

I still have the trigger finger! It looks like shit but it works! I also have a pair of M-audio MX5 carbons and after countless laptops and macbooks, i’m now running traktor and FL12 on an Alienware m17x.

If you play out, what kit do you prefer to use?

I lug the alienware down and hook up the trigger finger, It’s a mad setup but it looks awesome. Of course, it performs brilliant and I always get compliments.

What is your ideal set length?

I aim for about an hour, I must average around a track a minute.

One track in your genre guaranteed to get the dance floor going

Wait, we share our secret weapons? Oh okay… well I have this track by a dude called Stepherd, it’s called “I Lof My Body” and holy shit… Yeah it’s the one.

One piece of advice for an aspiring DJ

Play more LOXLEY, no.. I’d say try your hand at production. It’s really difficult for places to take you seriously If you don’t make your own stuff. Loads of kids install virtualDJ and think they’re hot shit, make some big tunes and keep them exclusive for a bit. DJs will start to ask about said tunes and that’s when the other stuff comes.

What is the worst trait in current Dance Music?

I hate all of that stuff where places let DJs play if they get enough votes, it means they need to have a nice following to play. Not enough clubs/venues take risks. I understand that doesn’t quite answer the question but it’s semi-related..

Best Club DJ set you have ever experienced

I don’t really go to clubs to be honest, unless I’m behind the booth I can’t stand them!

Should laptops be allowed in the DJ booth?

I’d be screwed If I couldn’t, I never had the chance to learn CDJs!

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