Radio Streaming with BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool)

Radio streaming is fairly straight forward. It requires a connection from the client machine to our server using specific software. Then the client software picks up the audio from a sound source and sends it to the server. Finally, the server then streams this audio signal over to listeners.

The software we recommend for radio streaming at 247House is BUTT. Which you can download free here and works on Mac and Windows.

Step 1

Firstly, after installing and starting up BUTT. You will be presented this screen:

Screenshot of BUTT software - Radio Streaming

To add a server connection, click Settings, and in the Main page, click Server Settings -> Server -> Add. Enter the stream details as shown. For clarification, the settings are:

  • Name: 247House
  • Type: Icecast
  • Address: www.247House.fm
  • Port: 8003
  • Password: Supplied by management
  • IceCast mountpoint: live
  • IceCast user: source

Finally, click “Add”

Screenshot of Radio Streaming with BUTT - Part 2

Step 2

Secondly, we need to add the Stream Infos. These are tags of information our listeners can see on certain devices. Click Server Settings -> Stream Infos -> Add and complete the form as follows. As before the tags are listed below for clarity:

  • Name: 247House
  • Description: House Music – 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week
  • Genre: House
  • URL: http://www.247House.fm
  • ICQ / IRC / AIM: leave blank
  • Make Server Public: Yes

Screenshot of Radio Streaming with BUTT - Part 3

Finally, click “Add”. This is all of the settings required to connect to our server. We will now configure the software to pick up the audio signal from your mixer.

Step 3

Thirdly, how you configure the audio page depends on your system. The audio device will be one of two settings:

  • Your mixer or controller which is connected to your computer by USB. In this example it’s the Pioneer DJM-2000
  • Built In Input. This is used when your mixer or controller is not USB. Instead your audio signal is carried over RCA 3.5mm cables (see image)

Radio Streaming - Picture of RCA to 3.5mm cable

Complete the form as shown:

  • Audio Device: This will be your mixer / controller if they are USB. Otherwise you will have to select Built In Audio
  • Channel: Stereo
  • Samplerate: 44100Hz
  • Streaming:
    • Codec: MP3
    • Bitrate: 128k
  • Recording:
    • Codec: MP3
    • Bitrate: 128k

With this information recorded, click the Main tab, and Click Configuration -> Save.

Screenshot of Radio Streaming with BUTT - Part 3

Step 4

Finally, to now go live, it’s simply a case of clicking the play button, this will commence the radio streaming. When you have finished your show, you must click stop to disconnect. This will allow the next DJ to connect, or if no-one is playing after, autoDJ will take over the live stream again.

Screenshot of Radio Streaming with BUTT - Part 4

Finally, and it is highly recommended, we have created a test server that will allow you to test the audio connection. To test your own connection, you will need to edit the server settings and change the port from 8003 to 10000. The password for the server is 247House. Click save in the main page to update the configuration file.

With the test server connection details stored and prepared, you should play some music on your mixer / controller and click connect. Head over to our test server page and click play. It is recommended that you check this from another computer, or even a mobile phone. Once the playing levels have been tested and are satisfactory, you will be ready to play live. Don’t forget to change the port number back to 8003 for the live server, and change the password back to the real password provided by management.

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