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Deput EP from Trepanic

This 4 track EP has been written and produced by Trepanic on a Mac ME665 hosting Logic Pro X, full WAVES audio tools collection at 64 bit high end quality. He plays a Moog Sub 37 100% analogue for synth creations whilst delving into his personal and evolving audio library of analogue sounds making most of the production pure analogue with no use of soft synths.

The additional vocals from both Russell and Carla on track one and four respectively were their own creative work for the tunes, submitted as Waves over the net to be engineered back into the tunes. This allowed the vocalists a free creative input for TREPANIC to then produce and edit up. Each tune has its magic moments whilst they all maintain a fine, deep, steady dance groove journey at 127BPM.

Check out the Hollow Head EP here.

An Interview with Trepanic

How did you get into this?

Inspired by a musical family with instruments in my home all my life from birth. My father had great chart success in Ireland, I learned percussion and drumming very young and progressed onward to synthesisers and many other instruments all of which are self taught plus sequencing, composing, arranging and mastering. All this after qualifying as an audio engineer by 26 years old & having been in many bands all my life. Anything electronic sounding has always been a fascination.

What artists / DJ’s influenced you the most? Why?

Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Orbital, Underworld, Leftfield & many more. All of the mentioned made ground breaking dance music that has changed what dance music makers do.

What is your studio set up?

Mac ME665 16g RAM, Mac Book Pro, Logic Pro X, WAVES audio suite at 64 bit high end quality. A self created audio library called ‘Library of Love’ which contains an evolving collection of fantastic sounds & a Moog Sub 37 Tribute edition 100% analogue synth. Two Technics SL-1210-MK2’s, good microphones and many instruments collected over the years. All outboard sounds feed direct to the Mac through the M-Track M-Audio USB device with zero latency. Everything is mastered on the Mac with Logic Pro X.

Which piece of hardware or software is most essential to your sound?

All of it, though the Mac ME665 with Logic Pro X of course and the Moog is an amazing synthesiser for original sounds.

How do you start a track?

I begin with shaping a kick drum and a bass line, get them sonically right and move on to hats for that subtle beginning groove, then build and evolve it up from there. Every sound is sonically tweaked to desired state before adding more to the composure so that when you begin to arrange the audio and mix is right and the work has been done. I also compose and write with the Mastering strip on, although to properly master once done I will then organise the audio for this process to be done correctly.

How do you know a track or remix is finished?

When it gels and all runs smooth and excites me. 1 piece of advice for an aspiring Producer – Work at everything, learn the craft, take your time, never rush to achieve the better production, be experimental always, find your style and most of all, notice the moment when you are ready, this means to finish everything you write before moving on to another tune. The best practice to learn the craft is to always start well, build sonically well, arrange/edit and finally end the tune. Otherwise you may have a lot of ‘nice’ snips with nothing more solid and unable to be played out to an audience. It doesn’t matter along the path if the finished tunes you make are not the best the world could hear, just get the practice of it weaved into the craft. The magic happens when you are ‘READY’.

What is the worst trait in current dance music?

The desire to fit into a genre without applying ones own creative touch and style. It’s ok to be into a genre/style/groove etc., remember to put your vibe into the creations too. You will enjoy it more and also will others.

Suggest a well produced track to listen to – why does it sound so good?

Dubnobasswithmyheadman by Underworld – on Vinyl – The whole of the double album is a sublime work of electronic art and it’s deep analogue mix and incredible original composure. It is full of intelligent technique.
Should laptops be allowed in the DJ booth? – There are no rules to music, only guidelines, there is always a new trick with audio/music, it’s quite endless.. so YES.. everything counts… use all one can muster. Music is evolving as much as the technology and new vibes inspire us all.


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